Anonymous asked:

I keep being mean and pushing my crush away, but I don't mean to act the way that I act I'm not good with my feelings and my crush is so frustrating but that's what I love about her, y'know. What're some tips I could use to show her that I really do care about her? I'm not as open with my feelings as I should be, and tend to be mean instead of showing that I care, I don't mean to be so mean but I suck with feelings. Any advice, please? I don't want to push her away anymore :(

Maybe you two should spend time together.
Try to treat her like you wish you could.
Start to show her that you care and that you are interested.
Start with little nice things. Ask her how she feels, how her day was etc. Tell here some things about you.
And the hardest thing of course pls try to stop being so mean. This could hurt her and it hurts you .
I mean girls love bad boys but they want to be treated like a princess especially from him.
But this doesn’t mean you have to be mean 24/7. Just be youeself